Thank you to everyone who took the time to give us a kind review. Our main goal is to help the people in our community live pain-free and it's an incredible feeling to see what you really thought of us. Please visit google  and facebook for a more complete list of patient success stories that grows everyday!


We are married in our mid 60's and have been going to Chiropractors for the first time starting 5 years ago - not because we had problems, but just for weekly preventive maintenance alignments to achieve maximum body function and health wellness. We are now totally True Believers in weekly Chiropractic alignment, because we have never felt better physically and mentally. When we started 5 years ago, we stopped taking flu shots and have as of yet to ever even get a cold, which we used to get often before alignments. Before coming to Dr. Jones, the other two chiropractors were okay, but always rushed our weekly alignments in 5 minutes (in and out) like we were meat on a quick conveyor belt, and rarely talked to us for even 2 minutes. Dr. Jones, is very thorough, works on us more, and does not rush his maintenance, and talks to us without our even asking. He is so classy friendly and warm, that we even look forward to making coming every week. His office staff of Julie and Jennifer are very efficient and professional, and just the nicest sweetest, that make your visit feel right at home. They are a reflection of Dr. Jones.

He and his staff are just the BEST, and as Christians with great integrity, we would never give a reference that is not true!!!!

S & C

Waxhaw, NC

I was eager to begin play in our club’s Member/Guest Golf Tournament. For months my son and I had been strategizing our game, anticipating his flying in from Minnesota to be my guest. Unfortunately, during our practice round, I felt my back tightening up. The next morning, Day One of the tournament, my lower back was so tight and knotted up that my son had to tie my shoes in the parking lot. The round was excruciating for me and my son, who had to carry the burden of our team totally on his play alone. During play, it occurred to me to call Dr. Jones, who was able to see me immediately after the round.

Dr. Jones was able to quickly diagnose my problem and with a combination of gentle manipulations, electronic stimulus and no radical adjustments had me feeling much better that first visit. He advised stretching exercises before and after play for the trauma of a golf swing, and heat before play and ice applications afterward.

For the next two days during lunch or after the round, I visited Dr. Jones for therapy. It was remarkable how each day he was able to reduce my pain and add flexibility.

Thanks to incredible play the first several days by my son, we won our flight. Thanks to Dr. Jones, by the last day I was able to contribute to our team and we not only won our flight, but we won the sudden- death playoff against the other twelve flight winners for Member-Guest Champions 2009.

I am convinced if it were not for Dr. Jones, I would have been forced to withdraw from the tournament after Day One, which would have made my son’s trip a waste and disappointment. Instead, we have beautiful framed reminders of a game well-played and many memories of an unforgettable weekend.

Jon W.

Charlotte, NC

Providence County Club

Chiropractic care has saved me from a life of constant pain. With routine adjustments, strengthening exercises and proper lifting techniques, the last 38 years since my injury have been much more enjoyable and pain-free than my original diagnosis. When I moved to the Carolinas from Florida 3 years ago, I was very concerned about losing the improvements chiropractic care had given me. What a blessing I received when I found Dr. Kyle Jones. His apparent concern for his patients along with his up-to-date methodology has made a huge difference in how I live my daily life. I now truly enjoy being able to travel, exercise and be free of pain thanks to being in his care.

Marty S.

Fort Mill, SC

Dr. Jones, I love the newsletter topic this month! Thanks to you I was able to alleviate and manage the pain so I could start exercising again and focus on losing the weight! Weight loss = virtually no pain, but I couldn't have even started that process without my Chiropractor!

Pam D.

Charlotte, NC

I was having a really bad headache in the back of my neck on my left side. It was so bad it would make me feel sick to my stomach. I had the headache daily for about 4 months. After visiting Dr. Kyle Jones for a little over a month my headache started gradually going away. I have been headache free for at least 2 weeks now. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Kyle Jones to all of my family and friends


Waxhaw, NC

"I love Dr. Jones! My son, John, has had multiple procedures on his ears since he was an infant. I took him to Dr. Jones once I found out that another procedure was in his future. While seeing Dr. Jones the problems with my son's ears vanished. John looks forward to his visits. Thank you!"

Kelly F.

"Thanks to Carolina's Chiropractic (again) for getting me on my feet! Dr. Jones and the girls....Awesome!!"

Bryant S.

"Love love love these people. They keep me moving."

Verea C. 

"Prior to being treated at Carolinas Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab, I was told by an Orthopedist that I had degenerative arthritis and pain management through medication was the only treatment. Three years of NSAID's and no decrease in my back pain level I prayed for other options. At the Waxhaw Festival I saw a booth for Carolinas Chiropractic and scheduled an appointment. It was the best decision I have made in years. Since being treated by Dr. Jones, my pain level has decreased significantly. I've taken to jogging, weight lifting and other cardio exercise I couldn't do before. My progress has inspired my wife and now she sees Dr. Jones and her upper back and shoulder mobility is the best it has ever been. The service does not stop with Dr. Jones but extends to Julie who greets everyone with a smile and makes room for all of the patients to be seen. This Chiropractic clinic goes way beyond the extra mile to help their patients. I cannot thank them enough for my improved health."

Chris W, RN 

Monroe, NC

"After my adjustment on Weds and incorporating the new stretches you showed me into my routine yesterday, I slept pain free last night! So nice to know that you don't have to suffer through pain during pregnancy...at least not every day! Thanks, Dr. Jones!"

Pam D.

Charlotte, NC

"I have been seeing Dr. Jones for about one year and started coming to him due to vertigo and headaches. I get relief immediately after my adjustment and rarely have to take medication for my symptoms. I have even worked out a plan with him and his staff that when I feel a headache coming on, I contact the office and they get me in the same day. I would highly recommend chiropractic adjustments. They allow me to maintain a normal life."


Waxhaw, NC

"I have been seeing a chiropractor since I was a little baby. When I moved here from Wisconsin, my mom knew our family had to find a new chiropractor and Dr. Jones was the first doctor I saw in Waxhaw. The minute I am done getting adjusted, I feel so much better. Since I am 10 years old, I can play soccer, dance and play with my friends with no back pain. Dr. Jones is the best!"


Waxhaw, NC

"My entire family comes to see Dr. Jones. It is important to me to maintain regular adjustments for a healthy lifestyle. I have been seeing a chiropractor my entire adult life. I really appreciate that Dr. Jones has adjusted his treatment plan to what works for my body. My children who are 14, 13 and 9 also come for regular adjustments. My children like how Dr. Jones interacts with them. They all feel like he listens to them and treats them with respect. My husband came to see Dr. Jones when his back was really giving him problems due to a work injury. Dr. Jones' treatment plan was honest and upfront. I have recommended Dr. Jones to many friends and neighbors. He is a great chiropractor."


Waxhaw, NC

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